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Careers at Ubiquiti

Web Apps Developer Positions

Ubiquiti is looking for 1-2 software engineers with experience and expertise in developing web applications. The developer(s) will be expected to fulfill roles as described below, and get to work on unique and exciting applications (both old and new). Ubiquiti Inc., in business for over 20 years, has always been far ahead of the curve with its technologies and products. We are a small, but highly experienced, cohesive technical team, which is well-paid, receiving employee benefits, and with flex time & location possibilities.

Soft Skills for the Candidates

  • Should use American English as the primary language for communication.
  • Should be willing to work in small teams, and with multiple responsibilities.

Web App Client Developer

Technical Skills

  • Must have experience developing web client applications using HTML5 and Web Components related technologies: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Custom Elements, PWAs, etc.
  • Should be able to develop complex web clients without relying on third party frameworks like Angular, Vue, jQuery, etc. In other words, candidate should be able to work with plain JavaScript. But familiarity with popular frameworks would be useful.

Design Skills

  • Must have experience with designing client applications.
  • Must be able to convert verbal descriptions of product and product requirements into mock-ups or prototypes.
  • Should ideally have familiarity with all modern popular platforms and with expected user experiences on these platforms.

QA Skills

  • Must practice testing client applications for bugs and quality.
  • Experience or familiarity with frameworks for testing client application would help.

Web App Server Developer

Technical Skills

  • Must be proficient in Java, with at least a few years of experience.
  • Must have reasonable working knowledge of typical database systems.
  • Must be familiar with basics of network/remote APIs (e.g., use of HTTP client libraries, debug issues with network calls etc.)
  • Must be familiar with servlet containers, preferably Jetty.

Full Stack Developer


  • Must fill in the roles of client and server developers as described above.
  • Must have working knowledge to manage server hosts, both Windows and Linux.
  • Must practice of designing and documenting server-client APIs.