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Making Important Decisions the Data-Driven Way

Getting the right products to market without costly delays requires incorporating every available piece of data into your critical decision processes. We extract detailed information from health records, clinical trials and research findings, then integrate all key information into our Analytics platform to drive actionable data mining, monitoring and forecasting.

Pharma players can maximize the value from their data in many ways:

Surveillance Applications

In an increasingly dynamic and connected world, Ubiquiti’s NLP and AI technologies power pharmacovigilance applications. Large and complex organizations can be more responsive and effective in their actions. With advanced monitoring and alerts as core elements of our analytics and data mining capabilities, and all aspects can be surveilled to detect changes in symptom, diagnosis and treatment rates, possibly signaling problems. Also, the effectiveness of trials and more broadly used treatments can be measured and analyzed for important patterns.

Structure Document Repositories for Easy Information Retrieval

Ubiquiti AI and natural language processing technologies are customizable for pharmaceutical-specific issues, opportunities and problems. This enables the grouping of related documents into functional and structural ontologies, facilitating easy search information exploration.

Pattern Discovery and Mining

Data mining with Ubiquiti AI provides several methods for uncovering key insights hidden in large, complex data sets. In the examples below, you can see how Ubiquiti AI solves different types of data challenges.


Find co-occurring aspects within records, such as between drugs used and symptoms experienced.

Distribution Differences

Find distribution differences among various subsets of records across diverse domains.

Sequence Mining

Uncover valuable, previously unknown patterns, using sequence analysis.

Ubiquiti AI helps global pharma players extract value from their available data, enabling them to be more responsive. Let's have a conversation about how we can help you.