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Automotive Supply Chain

Ubiquiti analytics are widely used across the automotive supply chain. Developed over several years, and driven by the needs of our customers, Ubiquiti provides high value for its many users. Our customers are our strongest references:
One-Stop Data Integration

Consolidate repair, sensor, service, warranty and part return records into a single comprehensive repository. Records can be linked to auxiliary information such as production volumes and currency conversion factors. Our software is set up to handle standard data formats from various OEs as well as custom formats used internally by organizations. Data from worldwide geographic regions and different languages are supported by our automated translations.

Apply Text Mining

Our natural language processing automatically extracts detailed, structured, and useful information from service record verbatim narrative comments. Our hierarchical information organization is customized and fine-tuned to users' needs. Ubiquiti also provides a universal comprehensive automotive service code-scheme which is extensible, fast and easy to use.

Slice and Dice Data

Our data navigator helps to quickly drill down to datasets of interest. Intuitive search interfaces help describe Boolean queries to handle complex search criteria.

Data Navigator (0:27)

Record Detail (0:31)

Record Search (0:50)

Data Visualization

Preconfigured with a wide variety of informative visualizations, our software facilitates creating custom charts and reports. There are quick, easy ways to export to Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft PowerPoint®.

Charts and Dashboards (1:10)

Centralized Sync and Share

Within an organization, the Ubiquiti server is the single point for updates, external access, and backup of data. It enables users to exchange information with one another. Users may attach images, audio, video and more to individual records, and then share with other users. Records may be edited, with changes propagated automatically to other users.

Pattern Mining and Alerts

Customized and comprehensive alerts, based on flexible search and threshold criteria, can be set up easily. The criteria include identifying patterns, trends and spikes in the data - which can be very valuable in addressing No Trouble Found (NTF) issues. Rapid alerting features within our solutions facilitate an Early Warning System.

Mining Technologies (0:55)

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