Ubiquiti Inc. | Diagnostics


Data collected in complex environments often represents a knowledge-base of experiences of people, systems and events. Examples of such datasets include vehicle repairs, patient records and more. Each of the datasets represents a wealth of information which, when combined with Ubiquiti's artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions, can be used for predictive and prescriptive purposes.
Example: Vehicle Repairs

Vehicle repair records represent the experience and knowledge of hundreds of expert mechanics. Ubiquiti's diagnostics software taps into this collective wisdom to help identify the problem and the recommended repairs for a new vehicle repair case.

Example: Patient Care

A repository of healthcare records represents the collective wisdom of medical practitioners. Such datasets can drive an application that uses symptoms, signs and patient attributes to prescribe follow-up lab tests, identify diseases and suggest treatments.

Natural Language Input

Freeform descriptions of symptoms and test results analyzed by Ubiquiti natural language processing.

Directed Diagnostics

Relevant follow-up questions and tests suggested automatically.


Differential Diagnosis generated based on similar cases, while factoring in patient history, test results etc.


Suggested treatments shown in ranked order, based on data, factoring in known outcomes, specific patient history and more.