Ubiquiti Inc. | Manufactured Goods

Manufactured Goods

We enable manufacturers, retailers, marketers, and even consumers, to better use the available rich and diverse data sources. Our solutions span reporting, forecasting, alerting, diagnostics, marketing, and more.

One-Stop Data Preparation

Our customized solutions help clean, link and combine diverse data — which facilitates a wide range of subsequent operations, including analytics and applied artificial intelligence.

From Unstructured Text to Structured Data

Ubiquiti's powerful natural language processing extracts valuable information from narrative text. Without Ubiquiti text mining, the human effort needed to do so is expensive, tedious, inconsistent and error-prone. Our unique statistical technologies are known to be far better than any others. Developed and refined over many years of use, our software is configured to best meet the needs of each organization.

Event Processing from Sensor Data Streams

Voluminous sensor data, be it from the Internet of Things, or remote telemetry presents new data challenges and opportunities. Ubiquiti's analytics is able to consolidate sensor readings and intelligently identify discrete events from continuous sensor data streams.

Combine and Analyze Diverse Data Sources

Combine and link sensor, service, repairs and warranty data to obtain a comprehensive holistic picture of how products are performing in the field.

Data Solutions for Every Need

Ubiquiti's technologies have been deployed in sectors ranging from automotive suppliers to the healthcare industry. These include:


Sort, search, chart, report, slice and dice your data. Forecast and predict with your data.


AI solutions that extract expert knowledge from data for a variety of valuable uses

Service Marketing

Machine learning that leverages datasets to transform service mass marketing into personalized service marketing

Technology Customized to Each Organization

Our customized solutions are designed to work seamlessly with existing software infrastructure and processes. Ubiquiti provides modular software to select specific technologies as needed. Our data import and export tools help integrate Ubiquiti into familiar computing environments.

Accessible Anywhere

Ubiquiti solutions are designed for easy and rapid interaction. Rich information is made available by Web-based, mobile and desktop clients.