Ubiquiti Inc. | Data-Driven Inspection, Diagnostics and Service

Data-Driven Inspection, Diagnostics and Service

Accurate guided diagnoses, with the correct suggested services, increase productivity, savings, and customer satisfaction. Ubiquiti's AI technology learns from service data to help inspect, diagnose, and suggest services.
Combined Experience of Technicians

Data from all locations is gathered into a single repository. The combined data helps find and rank the likely root causes and their appropriate fixes.

Easy to Use

Simple natural language inputs are interpreted by Ubiquiti's technologies. Vehicle symptoms, VINs and/or vehicle descriptions are automatically understood.

Directed Diagnostics

Follow-up questions are automatically generated to refine the differential diagnosis presented. The questions are dynamically generated based on the current context, to avoid asking unnecessary questions.

Detailed Diagnosis

Differential diagnoses show up as a hierarchy of most likely root causes. Individual vehicle service histories are also taken into account.

Co-occurring Repairs

The best fixes are suggested to help address the root causes for each diagnosed issue.

Appointment Scheduling

End users are directed to nearby repair locations, and can schedule information-enhanced appointments online.

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