Ubiquiti Inc. | Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Ubiquiti AI and NLP technologies extract detailed structured information from health records, clinical trials and more, enabling our downstream applications such as data analytics, forecasting, monitoring and mining.
Surveillance Applications

Our NLP and AI technologies facilitate pharmacovigilance applications including:

Adverse Events from Pharmaceutical Use

Monitoring of Epidemics

Mining of Clinical Trial Reports

Search and Explore Document Repositories

Our NLP technologies allow grouping of related documents into functional and structural ontologies, thereby enabling easy search and exploratory analysis. Our text mining has been customized for pharmaceutical-specific issues, opportunities and problems.

Pattern Discovery and Mining

Our data mining solutions provide several ways to unearth insights hidden in available data.

Find co-occurring attributes within records, such as between drugs used and symptoms experienced.

Find distribution differences among various subsets of records across diverse domains.

Uncover interesting, previously unknown patterns, using sequence analysis.

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