Ubiquiti Inc. | Healthcare Providers

Healthcare Providers

Our AI and NLP technologies extract detailed structured information from health records, clinical trials and more. This enables our downstream applications, such as data analytics, forecasting and diagnostics.

Example Application: Diagnostics

Combined knowledge of practitioners

Our software processes, standardizes and combines records from different provider sources, and stores them in a single repository.

Natural Language Input

Freeform descriptions of symptoms and test results analyzed by Ubiquiti natural language processing.

Directed Diagnostics

Relevant follow-up questions and tests suggested automatically.


Differential diagnosis generated based on similar cases, while factoring in patient history, test results etc.


Suggested treatments shown in ranked order, based on data, factoring in known outcomes, specific patient history and more.

Example Application: Epidemiological Studies

Our software processes health records to extract standard structured concepts, such as SNOMED terms. This facilitates data-driven charting, reporting, analytics, forecasting and more. Our technologies thereby help drive better patient care, healthcare policies, and resource allocations.

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