Ubiquiti Inc. | Data-Driven Service Marketing

Data-Driven Service Marketing

Ubiquiti data-driven software generates specific, relevant, personalized vehicle service offers to increase revenue 10% or more.
Declined Services
  • Simple analysis shows large opportunities are missed in declined service follow-up offers.
  • Detailed declined reminders have been found to increase service revenues significantly.
  • Our unique text mining automatically extracts specific declined services from service write-ups.
  • Our patent-pending technology infers additional required services by comparing issues found to the actual work performed.
Next Best Offer and Cross Selling
  • Large opportunities are missed in providing customers with timely, relevant and specific service offers.
  • Ubiquiti's predictive marketing solutions identify specific services required for each vehicle.
  • Our AI technology uses available repair records to predict the time and type of service required.
  • Additional service offers have been shown to increase service revenue significantly.

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