Ubiquiti Inc. | Service Price Guide

Data-Driven Service Pricing Guide

Knowing what to charge for every service on every type of vehicle is a logistical nightmare, especially when parts prices and labor times, as well as competitor prices, are constantly changing. Ubiquiti’s statistical AI scans multiple data sources to find the right prices to charge each customer that will maximize profits and retention. This automated service replaces tedious, error-prone manual effort and performs the complex calculations required to find the right price automatically.

Intelligent Pricing

Our technology prices each service, with automated price variation by brands, locations, demographics, time-periods, and other factors the dealer wants to include. Dealerships simply input their preferences once, and Ubiquiti AI does the rest: part and procedure prices are continuously updated and optimized for each dealer, saving time while improving revenue, profit and customer retention.

Ubiquiti AI helps automotive repair businesses price their services to maximize long-term profitability. Let's have a conversation about how we can help you.