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Warranty Booking & Administration

Even with experienced warranty staff, warranty booking and administration is manual, tedious, error-prone, and often leaves legitimate revenue uncollected. The work involves keeping up with daily OEM code changes, and requires claim details to be tracked for potential warranty audits. Franchise dealers have no choice but to manage this cumbersome process.

Ubiquiti’s AI makes booking, oversight and claims submissions substantially faster and more accurate than current manual processes, typically generating incremental warranty revenue of more than 10%. Using service advisor and technician stories, complemented with parts information, our booking tool suggests OE-specified warranty codes for each job in a repair order.

It also finds additional associated service items often missed by human clerks and adds them to the RO.

Here’s how it works:

Suggest the Right Warranty Repairs and Codes

Data from each open repair order is obtained from the DMS and processed by Ubiquiti AI to collect VIN & options, customer and technician stories, parts info and more. It then suggests warranty codes from the latest OEM labor time guide, as well as diagnostic and paint times, to the warranty administrator in an intuitive and time-efficient interface.

Automatically Identify and Add Additional Procedures

As Ubiquiti AI processes each repair order, it often finds additional applicable procedures that should be added to the warranty claim. These supplemental procedures, times, and costs are suggested and tracked, then automatically updated in the repair order. Each is then approved by the warranty clerk and reported. Getting additional, legitimate warranty revenue has never been this easy.

Unburden Your Warranty Process

Warranty work doesn’t need to be a burden. Ubiquiti centralizes all the information a dealership’s team needs to efficiently process warranty claims in one place. All OEM campaigns, recalls, service actions and TSBs and their associated codes are automatically updated daily, and current maintenance outside of the labor time guide is regularly updated.

You can see how it works below:

Ubiquiti Warranty Booking Demonstration (0:40)

Ubiquiti AI turns your warranty claims process into an efficient, accurate and highly profitable machine. Let's have a conversation about how we can help you.